It does not matter if you are a big enterprise or a start-up; It is not relevant if your data is in exabytes or petabytes or just gigabytes; It is regardless of whether your data is structured or unstructured – The moment of truth is that, when you put all your data together and see them from the right perspective, they all tell you a story! At Congruent Global, we are deeply mesmerized by these stories; we enjoy working with the data to understand the jig saw puzzle they are part of and help you find the clues that lead to an incredible journey!

But let me tell you, it is not magic! It is not a halo that suddenly dawns one day! This requires, of course besides the technical skills, thoughtfulness, systematic approach,elaborate preparation, carefully designed experimentations and above all, perseverance and sustenance until we are sure about being right! At Congruent Global, you will find all these and more!

Our Approach

In all our data analytics projects, Congruent’s approach integrates six essential elements:

Get Data In

Your data could reside in the plethora of disparate data sources – be it multiple databases, external hosted systems, emails, text files, log files, social media sites or IOT devices. Congruent Global can design appropriate integration mechanisms to handle data ingestion

Ensure Data Quality

There are umpteen examples of incorrect decisions taken based on analysis of incorrect data! Scrub, transform, validate and more importantly identify missing pieces. In any analytics work that Congruent Global undertakes, this part definitely receives its due attention, so that the data can be reliably analyzed!

Manage Meta Data

With regulatory compliances and data security requirements to address, it is critical to clearly define and implement data governance mechanisms. Master data sources should be tracked; versions must be managed, auditing should be in place; approval workflows should be imposed and changes should be propagated – Oh! This is really tricky!

Understand the problem

This is the single most significant rule in the entire play!! We strive to get a clear understanding of the pain to be addressed and the goal to be reached. We first frame the problem and then, we work backwards… Study and identify, the parameters that impact and the forces at work. This helps us to determine the variables and choose an appropriate model for analysis. Congruent Global has extensive experience in models such as linear regression, logistic regression, Naïve Bayes, Cohort Analysis, Decile Analysis, Propensity Analysis and Sentiment Analysis

Test and Fine tune

In data analytics, it is just not enough if the models run and produce results; there needs to be guarantee that results are dependable. Testing a statistical model is entirely different from testing normal business applications. When the model is making a prediction, there is no expected output to verify against. Hence simulations using past data, error calculations and recalibrations need to be done iteratively until we get the desired accuracy and precision. Makes sense, right?

Visualize Results

Sure you know that, no one has the time and inclination to understand your mathematical models and wade through the results. If the results are not communicated correctly using the right visualization techniques, it becomes a non-starter. Be it a scorecard or word cloud or a correlation matrix, Congruent Global emphasizes on keeping it simple and clear.


Though there is a lot of buzz around big data in recent times, nevertheless, data analytics has been in existence for ages. To meet with the deluge of data increase over the last few years, new tools and technologies have come in – from NOSQL to Hadoop to Spark. But fundamentally the principles of analytics have remained the same.

Congruent Global takes pride in having got these fundamentals right. A point in case is a completely configurable Performance Metrics Analytics product, developed by Congruent Global around 2005, just by using simple Java. This product was used by industry leaders in banking, telecom and computer manufacturing and was later acquired by the giant IBM. Imagine that!!!

The analytics practice of Congruent Global is built on such strong foundation. Over a period of time, our team has been savvy enough to acquire skills on an array of technologies – ranging From R & Kafka to SAS VA, Power BI & Tableau. But, our expertise is grounded in our belief that the first focus is ALWAYS to understand and frame the analytical problem correctly. This right understanding, coupled with our technology versatility, is what enables us to be spot on!!

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