How Congruent will solve your salesforce problem? 

Let’s step ahead – Are you considering a new implementation of Salesforce? Or are you an existing customer of Salesforce but not sure if you are getting the best out of it? “Any product can deliver results only if it is tailored to suit your business needs and fits for you like a glove on hand. And exactly this is where Congruent can help.”

Our solid team of Salesforce experts can help you to setup & customize your Salesforce to support all your unique business requirements. From creating workflows to setting-up email triggers, creating custom dashboards and reports that give you the better insight of your business, Congruent will be your reliable Salesforce Partner.

Salesforce Implementation

We all know that Salesforce brings innovation in SaaS approach especially in boosting enterprise performance, but what you should also know is that it could drastically slow down performance if we don’t have prior years of proven experience while implementing the heart of an application. It happens when you lack the knowledge of best practices in Salesforce implementation. And this is exactly where Congruent can step-in.

Be it workflow development or configuration of profiles / reports or creating new validation rules using process builder or automating campaigns, Congruent will strive to understand your business flow and provide the best possible solution. Based on our in-depth experience in Salesforce implementations, Congruent team can recommend to you the best practices of your industry and help in optimizing Salesforce usage and data storage. Feel free to dream as we can take care of making it a reality!

Salesforce Custom Application Development

Congruent’s core strength is design and development of custom Lightning-ready Salesforce AppExchange Apps. Using our years of experience in development of enterprise products for our customers, it was a natural extension for us to bring that agility and expertise to lighting applications development. From prototyping to Appstore submission & approval, Congruent can own the entire development in using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Apex, Visualforce. We deliver fully operational, production-ready applications that meet the strict requirements of AppExchange!

Besides new application development, Congruent has also mastered the art of enhancing the overall user experience of Salesforce without disturbing the existing process flow. We can make your current Salesforce instance lightning-ready to fully leverage the latest UI/UX advancements in lightning. Re-brand your Salesforce with new look and feel and provide that exceptional user engagement!

Salesforce Integration Services

Data integration is one of simplest task in Salesforce, yet it requires considerable planning and proper data handling strategy to create a sustainable, bother-free solution. 

Do you want to enhance your business security by integrating Salesforce with your identity management solution such as OKTA? Or do you want to shorten your sales cycles by integrating Docusign with Salesforce? Whatever be your need, Congruent can figure out the best method of integration – using AppExchange or native integration APIs or using third party applications such as Zapier or by developing custom APIs. Congruent can make the right recommendation and help you achieve your goal in the most optimal manner. We will be with you every step of the way!

Salesforce Migration Services

Leveraging our years of experience in Salesforce migration services in day to day life is our another pillar of strength. Whether you want a one-time data migration from a legacy system, or create a data management platform that serves as the foundation for your business analytics, Congruent can come up with the right strategyFor instance, your customer data might be spread over several applications – Your billing system, Your ticketing software, Salesforce etc., In which case, how could you get a 360-degree view of your customer? Without relevant information, how could you anticipate your customer needs and serve them better? We can help you here! Through seamless data migration, we help you to consolidate everything in one place and create a single source of truth within Salesforce. Now, that’s a win-win solution!


We have our very own dedicated salesforce migration team, to ensure all our existing client’s data is correctly migrated without any loss or duplicates.  In addition, our process of Data migration is comprehensive to cover the complete life cycle from data extraction, data cleansing and validation to ensure successful migration before we process them into Salesforce cloud.


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