Enterprises are now feeling the need to migrate their home-grown applications and infrastructure to cloud to ensure cost-efficiency, faster reaction to changes for unpredictable business demands and top class security and privacy.

Cloud migration is unfortunately not as simple as it sounds. It involves:


Studying the topography of the existing infrastructure

Asking relevant questions to business stakeholders on the SLA needs for the applications

Backup and archival needs of the application

Development strengths of the existing IT Team

Avoiding duplication of efforts

Identifying co-existing applications, and more

None of the above is for the faint hearted and the prime reason why cloud movement fail in organizations is because of the tediousness of the above tasks. The Tasks are related to the core areas of business and thus the cloud initiatives fall in to the cracks. Why must organizations spend their time worrying about tasks that do not fit their core areas of business?

Congruent’s cloud management consulting capabilities and teams will empower your IT and business users to make the targeted investments in an incremental manner, with predictable outcomes in your cloud migration goals.


the Best Cloud Service from Microsoft

Our choice of migration platform is Microsoft Azure as hosting platform. Azure is the industry leading managed datacenter from Microsoft which hosts millions of customer applications in a secure and private environment. Azuredatacenter range from small shared cost effective platform to large-secure-private environment for application hosting.

Few critical points in support of Azure platform are:

  • Open and flexible cloud platform
  • Ability to build, deploy and manage across global network from a single administrative console
  • Across the world datacenters
  • Highly secured and privacy ensure environment
  • Applications can be build and hosted using any programming language
  • Extensible possibility of integrating on-premise IT environment to public cloud environment

Our way of migration

Rest Azured

“Rest Azured” is our home-grown cloud application migration tools suite that will help you identify and asses the Cloud fitment of on-premise applications and migrate using our in-house developed Cloud assessment and migration assessment tools.

Cloud migration cycle

“Rest Azured” solution suite is a combination of processes, procedures, tools and third party solutions. This combination of automated and human driven cycle of migration process enables a seamless and reliable cloud migration strategy.

4 step Cloud migration

At Congruent Global our experience has taught us to create a 4 step Cloud migration cycle that prepares an organization and its stakeholders to move through the experience through ease. The steps are:

The output of this step is a thorough study of the system(s) that are identified by IT for migration. The study would encompass reaching out to all stakeholders including IT who develop and maintain the application to business users who are end consumers of the application. This allows the “Rest Azured” team to prepare and produce a migration document that can be circulated to the stakeholders. This also ensures commitment from each of the stakeholders at various stages of the application.


  • Meetings with stakeholders – IT teams, business teams

Output – Rest Azured Study output

Application description and migration decision

  • Migration action plan document
  • Stakeholder commitment and participation expectations
  • Enhancement and migration special requests
  • Overall Total ROI Proposal

The most critical phase of the migration where all the technical and landscape requirements that were collected were interpreted and a migration landscape is drawn.


  • Rest Azured Study document step

Output – Rest Azured Visualize output

  • Hardware and software infrastructure plan
  • Choices of Implementation architecture with supporting information
  • Scalability requirements with supporting information
  • Compilation of changes in the application (if any)
  • Enhancement request changes
  • Timelines and commercial proposal

This is the action phase where the migration process begins after the acceptance of critical criteria drawn out in the Visualize phase is agreed. Separate staging environment is provisioned and migration process is validated with IT teams and Business process teams performing UAT and signing off on the migrated application(s)


  • Acceptance of plan of Visualize phase


  • UAT environment with migrated application (w/o enhancements)
  • Scalability tests performed and explained with reports
  • Handover of the application to business users in production stage
  • Happy customers

This is the optional support phase where Congruent Global manages the application on a continuous basis with ALM tools for monitoring, scaling and performing routine maintenance tasks for the migrated application. Our proven SDLC methodology for software development will come in handy for this phase

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