Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Is your team loaded with tedious tasks that deprive them from doing valuable work? Is there a huge backlog of data updates pending to your systems? Do you need to extract information from third-party systems/documents without manual intervention?
If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, “Robotic Process Automation” is the answer for you. In the automation continuum, RPA plays a significant role towards the digital transformation of your organization.
Use Software Bots to automate repetitive, defined, manual tasks and achieve greater ROI than traditional IT solutions.
· Deluge of monotonous Tasks? - Automate them
· Too many errors? – Define the process and let Software Robots take care
· Tied down by decision bottlenecks? – Use Rule-Driven Intelligence to accelerate your business

Our Approach

At Congruent, we have real-world experience on implementing RPA for our customers. Be it, selection of appropriate RPA tool / Creation of PoC, PoV projects / Automation of tasks and workflows / Training / Preparing for successful implementation, Congruent has the necessary wisdom to be your partner for the complete journey.  Experience us and give yourself a chance to automate rapidly and effectively.

Our approach to Robotic Process Automation comprises of  the following steps:

·        Identify and prioritize the processes for RPA adoption – processes that are high-volume, high-cost and well-defined are the most suitable candidates

·        Optimize the processes before automating

·        Define clear goals to measure the success of automation

·        Select the right RPA tool

·        Embark on automation with clear milestones

·        Roll out organization change management program

·        Check your success and refine where necessary




RPA - Case Studies

Case Study

Robotic Process Automation – Telecommunication
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