“How many HCPs know your Brand by name?”

DISCOVER HOW today’s cutting-edge technology can improve brand engagement and salesforce performance. Our core offerings include:

Email Campaign Management

Plan, Execute and Track

Execute email campaigns to build relationships with HCPs, quickly and cost effectively.

Allow us to help you target your ideal prospect, design your creative, deliver your message, provide key metrics and achieve ROI results for all your email marketing campaigns.

Nurture HCPs, increase engagement with targeted and integrated content.

Speaker Training Solution

An interactive, informative, and immersive portal to manage and streamline your entire speakers, thought leaders or key opinion leaders training process, including nominating, contracting, training, tracking, and certifying education.

This platform provides effective training in a compliant manner at a fraction of the cost of live speaker training, while ensuring that physicians have been tested on key brand messages.

On Demand Microsites

for knowledge sharing and engagement tracking

  1. HCP focussed microsites which can host content and videos which can be used to provide a self-serve education platform.
  2. Patient & Disease focussed microsites which can host content and videos which can be used to provide awareness.
  3. Microsites for Sales Reps with permission models and HCP engagement tracking Apps, including Polls & Industry Surveys.

Virtual Advisory Solution

for CME

  1. Conduct smarter, targeted and compliant virtual advisory boards, live webinars that command the attention and engage the intelligence of HCPs.
  2. Empower brand owners to easily initiate events, search and book key opinion leaders, speakers, and advisory board members for upcoming events.
  3. Go beyond regular demands of HCPs with interactive elements such as surveys, polling, chat, slide effects and screen sharing.


We have outlined the four areas in which we believe digital will drive the most value for progressive pharma companies. Partnering with Congruent Global will support you in accessing the latest sales and marketing solutions, using communication channels that include email, social media, microsites, online video, and mobile apps.


Which Solution is Right for You? Let our experts show how you can reach and engage HCPs, digitally.

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